20 January 2010

Why dear?

You know you always can count on me my dear N****e..
Is there anything that i missed? or is there anything you want to share with me?

I miss my old N***e


Hai dear, sorry..
So many things that i keep inside by myself, never share with anyone
too complicated, thanks sebab concern ya babe..

Sometimes we tend to keep up all those sadness and misery without telling others what we felt. It's like a defensive thingy, that actually we hate that people looking at us as a lame person. I guess..

But, for how long? Hope that you'll recover from what you've been keeping soon.. Cheer up.. My pray always be with you.. and i always care for you no matter what.. That's why i call myself your BFF.. =)

Take care dear..

P/s This entry special dedication to my BFF.. Hoping that she'll be fine soon..

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