14 October 2008


(By SleepyJeremy)

Lying around thinking of you
Wondering are you thinking of me too
We gazed at the sunset
and hold each other tight
The sun left out so sad
and it becomes night

Life's so beautiful........ to me
You're so wonderful...... for me

The sound of the wave beat upon the shore
Our heart beating hard both knowing
what we have in store
The softness of your touch
and your beautiful smile wondering if this's
like a torch lasting for a while..

Hakcipta Terpelihara:
words & Song by: Izhan Azwar (Sleepyjeremy)

P/s Ape motif nak letak lirik neh.. sbb dy besh lorr.. i loike.. ehekk.. OneFourThree means I Love You.. huhu.. Aku dedicate kan dis song tuk hubby aku yg terchenta, family, teman2 yg disayangi dan all peeps.. Peace.Love and Respect.. Cheers guys~!!


No OnE said...

this song used to dedicate to me from someone... ;)

mYpRecious said...

sy 143 awk juge.. okes... namoh sedey2 lgi..


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