23 July 2008

A Voyage of Emotion Disorder~~

::Salty coffee would taste so sweet::

He met this girl at a fair, a pretty, beautiful girl she was. Being pretty, so many young men would turn if she walks by and even more try to get near her.

And he was nothing but and ordinary guy. Who hardly could attract the attention of any girls? But he feels something when he saw that girl. Something unusual. So when the fair was finally over, he braved himself to the girl inviting her to join him a cup of coffee, as the night still early.

The girl was shocked for the unexpected invitation but still, she doesn't want to disappoint him. So off they go for a cup of coffee, to the nearby relaxing romantic coffee shop.

He was so nervous that she could even feel his hand trembling and how much his perspired. His throat seems so cold to even say anything when the girl started feel uneasy.

"Please say something. I really wanted to go home now" the girl says in her heart.

And suddenly he ask the waiter,

"Please bring me some salt for my coffee, would you?"

And all other people surround them started to turn and watched him. His face quickly turns red, but still he pick up a spoonful of salt, pour it into his coffee, stir and drink it.

Being a normal person, the girl with a surprised face then softly said,

"You really have a kind of weird taste."

"When I was still a kid, I live by the seashore. I loved to play at the beach, where I could feel the sea?bitter and salty.

Same as this coffee" he answered.

"Now?. every time I drink salty coffee, I will remember the time when I was young, my birthplace. I miss my hometown. I miss my parents who still lived there. And I miss them much" he continues with his eyes started to drop his tears.

The pretty girl was speechless. This indeed a touching story. From a man whispering his feelings about how much he misses his lovely home. She had never encountered such person in her whole life. Ever.

He is absolutely a man of love. A man who cares for his family. Who will never forget his responsibilities to his homes and families? There's no question about that she thought.

So the girl starts off a conversation. She tells him about her home. About her childhood?and that was a bright start of beautiful love story for both of them soon after that. They tied their new relationship and planting seeds of love.

And the girl realized that he was what she wanted from a man. Her dream of perfect match. He is tolerant, he is kind, and he is hot and full of passion?in short, he in the perfect man that she nearly neglects in the first place.

What luck with that cup of salty coffee!

Like any other romance, like any other fairy tales, a perfect end of unforgettable season: the handsome prince married the beautiful princess and they live happily ever after. So was them, finally they tied the knot and he marries the girl in the biggest wedding ceremony he could afford just to show how much he loves her.

And every time she makes her husband a cup of coffee, she will never forget to add a spoonful of salt, because she knew that was his favorite. 40 years have passed by, and the time has come for him to leave his wife eternally. Just before passed away, he wrote her a letter. A last word from a dying man to his beautiful and passion wife.

"My dear, please forgive me. Please forgive me for the lie that I have made in the whole my life. This was the only thing that I lied to you-about the salty coffee.

Do you still remember the first time we've met? I was so nervous at that time. I really wanted sugar for the coffee but as I was too nervous I asked for salt. I wanted to cancel it but I was too shy. So I let it be a salty coffee. I never thought that it will light up a conversation with you.

I tried to tell you the truth. Honestly I tried several times but I was too scared to be frank. Because I have promised to never hide anything from you. By the time you read this, I'll be gone forever. There's nothing I'm afraid of anymore. So I will tell you this:

I don't like salty coffee. Not at all!

But from the day I knew you; I always drink coffee that tasted so salty. I drink salty coffee till the end of my life. I never regretted all these things I've done to you. Ever. To be beside you was the happiest thing for me in my whole life.

If I ever be given a chance to live again, I will always try to know you and try to make you be my wife even that means I have to drink salty coffee over and over again."

When she finishes reading the letter, her tears has already dropped and fall onto the letter.

One day, another person asked her,

"How would the salty coffee taste like?"

And she will surely answered

"Salty coffee would taste so sweet."

p/s This story di petik dari zine setjiweluke(author:Izhan aka ma hubby)... The first time me read this story, me rase sedey sangat sampai tak sedar air mata menitik.. so touched.. Sedalam itu sayangnya sorang suami pd sorang isteri.. wut a very inspiring story to be read by everybody outside there.. That salty coffee tasted so bad but cos his love to his wife~he never cares about how it tasted.. He just cares the feeling of the coffeemaker(his wife)... So, cite ni mmg me takkan lupe..Just want to share.. so enjoy.. cheers~~

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