01 July 2008

I'm just 22~ :'(

My dearies blog,
I'm just 22~ I knew nothing~ I'm still in learning~ forgive me,
If I'm making mistakes~
If I'll never understands you
If i ever makes you hurt
If i ever makes you sad If i ever makes you depressed
If i ever ignoring you
If i ever dun treat you very well
If you feel dat I'm not gud enough for you..

My dearies blog,
I'm just 22
If you could know how much of i ever love you..
Nothing in dis world could compare my love
I'm just a lil girl whos trying to be someone dat i've never been before..

Someone dat i long for.. I'm just not gud enough? Am i?
Sometimes i try to run, but to where i heading to
I try to swim,
but regretfully i dun noe how
I try to ask,
but nobody want to listens
I try to cope of everything i wishes for
But it's so hard, It's feels like I'm gasping for my last air

I'm just 22
Sorry for the things I've done
I'm just being me
Is it so hard for you to ever understands me

Is it so hard for you to ever give me chances to be me

I hate my past and i hate yours too..
It's hurt and cut me into deep..

Then i found you..

You bring my life back

Thank God, you the one for me..
The ribs of mine,
the other half of me,
my last piece of puzzle

Thanks for ever listens to

That others didn't..
I promise I'll be yours forever
And we grow old together..

Dedicated to,
The other half of me


Vice President said...

dear my beloved buddy..

im also 22..huhu. there's will be a lot of chalnges dat we must face. no matter where u go n no matter wat u do..u r alwiz da lucky one coz u still have....... me =)

keep in touch ya

mYpRecious said...

thanks a lot babe.. yeahh u can keep touching me..


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