24 June 2008

Question & Answer~lalalala

1. the last movie you watched?
Indiana Jones & Sin City~DvD's bedroom watching with hubby~huhu

2. the last tv show you watched?
Drama Melayu~Impak Maksima~Adeisss xde cite la smalam, bosan tgk la gak..ekekeke

3. the last song you heard?
Thank You-Dido~i'm Listening to dat song now! Nice
4. the last thing you bought?
Roti kat kedai city Cake dpan Kedai Abng cos lapa sgt~huhu

5.the last place/store you went to?
Giant~Beli cd ngan hubby

6. the last food you ate?
Blueberry tart~last night (pagi ni x bekpes lg)

7. the last thing you heard from your
idah..... Cepat sikit!!

8. the last thing you said to your parents?
Pegi keje dulu che mok!

9. the last thing you said to one of
your friends?
Papai na.. Jumpe sok!

10. the last book you read?
Can't remember~Mastika kot.. huhu

Who was:
1. the last person you called?
Hubby~tapi dy x pick up pon maybe dah tido kot

2. the last person who called you?
En. Azhar~ my bos

3. the last person you texted?
Hubby~bru skjp tadi

4. the last person who texted you?
Ma hubby~

5. the last person who said good night last nyte?
Nobody~me tido mati.. hahaha

6. the last person who said i love you?
As~my ex roomate

7. the last person you gave a testimonial slash comment?
Wanie~ma sis in law

8. the last person who sent you a msg in friendster
Sape ekk??

9. the last person you hugged?
Che mok~syang che mok

10. the last person you saw on tv?
can't remember his name~sape ntah

Do You?
1 Do you believe that love is forever?
of course~dats why i get married.. hahaha

2 Do you get hurt by people easily?

3 Do you believe that all people are generally good at heart?
Rambut same hitam, Hati lain2~

4 Can you be anyone you want to be?
Depends on my mood~hahaha

5 Do mean people make you sad?
Sumtimes~me ni emo gak.. ekekeke

7 Do you sing in the shower?

8.when it rains, do you like to splash in the puddles?

9 If you see a cute guy/girl walk down the street, do you smile and tell him/her that he/she is cute?
Tak kuase aku~tgk sudey!

10 do you notice when people have beautiful eyes?

11 Have you ever cried at a movie?
.haha definitely.

12 Is it cute when old people are holding hands?
Lomantic d'amor gitew~~

13 Are you a happy person?
Yes, i am~~happily married person.. hahaha

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